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Flying Colours are a creative design, print and signage company.

That means we work together to come up with unique solutions for you, our client, to grow and strengthen your business. What you won’t be presented with is a run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter design but rather an on-brand masterpiece that you can be proud of and that sets you apart.

Flying Colours Group Tasmania

What Flying Colours do

If you need the company car to turn some heads with an eye-catching design, then we’ve got you covered. Planning an activation or event? Let’s put our heads together and come up with a solution your target market will love… and a whole lot more!

  • Advertising
  • Brand Strategy
  • Design + Art Direction
  • Digital, Offset + Large Format Printing
  • Customise Signage For Stalls
  • Environment + Wayfinding
  • Packaging
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Retractable Banners
  • Foam Core Cutouts
  • Shop Fitouts
  • Window Signage
  • Pylon Signs
  • Neon, LED Illuminated Sign
  • Routing + Fabrication
  • Traditional Hand Signwriting
  • Flag Banners
  • Canvas Banners

The Flying Colours Group Story

Today, you will find Flying Colours Group at both ends of the Apple Isle with full-service consultation, print and signage manufacturing available at our premises in the north and south of the state. We’re fortunate to work with a wide variety of businesses around Tasmania and take pride in providing top-notch service – it’s what we’ve always strived to do.

Flying Colours Group

Our Community Support

Our team is a group of superheroes when it comes to community support through our sponsorship efforts! We swoop in with our capes and wallets, ready to save the day for local sports teams, arts organizations, and charitable events. With our mighty financial assistance, we help these groups fly high and reach for the stars. It’s as if we possess a secret power to make dreams come true! Whether it’s giving a boost to a struggling soccer team or funding an epic art exhibition, we always leave our mark in the most colorful and vibrant way. We are the champions of community support, spreading joy and laughter wherever we go.

Flying Colours Group Sponsorship

So how did we get here?

Rewind back to 1990, when a small printing and stationery company was established to service the needs of businesses in Northern Tasmania. Those needs quickly escalated and so the decision was made to rebrand in 1994 when it was time for Flying Colours to take flight in the commercial printing market. And take flight it did. Soon the business was delivering a wide range of solutions including all forms of commercial, digital and large format printing to Tasmanian and national clients on the regular.

Flying Colours Group Timeline
Flying Colours Group Launceston

Why Flying Colours Group?

Steady growth over the past 32 years has allowed us plenty of time to reflect on the direction of the business and assess how we can best exceed our clients’ needs. In order to keep up with the rapidly changing industry, we made the big move to our state-of-the-art 2,300sqm facility in Launceston in 2008. A short time later, we welcomed two signage companies and an additional printing company under our umbrella to create what is now Flying Colours Group.

The result? More space for our ever-expanding team, more equipment and a fantastic fresh space to stretch our creative legs. For our clients, it gave us the ability to offer a complete & diverse package right from that first meeting through to concept development, production and implementation.

Though there has been plenty of growth between the ’90s to now (we’re looking at you, TikTok and driverless cars), something that has never wavered is our commitment to quality, communication and service (we’re perfectionists like that) as well as embracing change. What this means for our clients is that you can always expect the highest standards when it comes to our team, our equipment and the results we deliver.

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What we’ve done!

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