Honey ‘N Oats

Brand Identity, Packaging Design

Introducing the captivating world of Honey n Oats brand design. A mischievous pikelet monster-inspired character takes center stage, infusing a playful attitude into healthy snacks. No more boring options; this delightful character brings a fresh perspective.

The pikelet monster, with its whimsical charm and mischievous grin, captures attention instantly. It embodies the brand’s philosophy: healthier choices can be exciting and enjoyable. Personifying the brand breaks free from health food stereotypes, creating fun and adventure.

Honey n Oats Brand Identity
Honey n Oats design
Cripps honey n oats Design

The pikelet monster’s design reminds us that even the healthiest options can be satisfying. Vibrant colors and animated features invite consumers on a delightful journey of nourishment and snacking joy. The character’s whimsy and charm alleviate intimidation, inviting exploration and indulgence.

Combining health and playfulness, Honey n Oats challenges the notion of dull nutritious snacks. The brand design sparks curiosity, encouraging a positive and exciting approach to dietary habits. Let the pikelet monster guide you to a world of wholesome enjoyment, where health and fun coexist in every delightful bite.

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