Skechers Launceston

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Brightening Up Skechers in Launceston with Mills Street 

At Flying Colours Group, we love collaborating with industry leaders to create vibrant and dynamic spaces. Recently, we teamed up with our fantastic friends at Mills Street Fitout Pty Ltd to bring a splash of excitement to Skechers in Launceston. Our joint effort resulted in eye-catching and engaging signage that truly transforms the retail environment.

For this project, we produced and installed a variety of signage elements. The striking awning signage draws attention from afar, while the fascia illuminated channel letters add a modern and sleek touch to the storefront. Inside, we installed vibrant illuminated blade sign faces that guide customers through the store effortlessly. Additionally, the stunning interior wall signage enhances the shopping experience, creating an inviting and dynamic atmosphere that perfectly reflects the energetic spirit of Skechers.

Skechers Launceston
Skechers Launceston

Our goal was not just to provide signage but to create an immersive experience for Skechers’ customers. The collaboration with Mills Street Fitout Pty Ltd allowed us to leverage their expertise in fit-out solutions and combine it with our creative signage capabilities. This synergy resulted in a seamless integration of design and functionality, ensuring that every element of the store’s signage contributes to a cohesive and engaging brand experience.

We’re thrilled with the outcome of this project and invite you to step into Skechers in Launceston to see our work shine. From the moment you approach the store to the time you spend inside, our signage is designed to enhance your shopping journey. It’s more than just signage; it’s an experience!

If you’re looking to transform your retail space with innovative and impactful signage, get in touch with us at Flying Colours Group. Let’s create something extraordinary together!

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