Celebrating International Women’s Day with Flying Colours Group!

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Flying Colours Group!

As part of International Women’s Day, we’re rolling out the red carpet to celebrate the powerhouse women within Flying Colours Group who are not just pivotal to our success, but who are blazing trails and inspiring other women in the industry! We actively encourage our female employees to take the reins, learn, and lead on projects, all in the pursuit of building a more diverse and dynamic workforce. And guess what? In an industry where only 31% of workers are female, we’re flipping the script with a whopping 45% of our employees being women—talk about smashing stereotypes and challenging the status quo!

Meet our leading ladies:

Signage Sensations: 

First up, we’ve got Hannah C leading the charge, backed by the incredible Hannah A and Jen, team leaders! From apprentice to boss babe in charge, Hannah’s journey is like a rollercoaster of awesomeness. And guess what? She’s passing on her superpowers to Micah, our apprentice-in-training! Watch out world, here comes the dream team of women!

Frontline Fashionistas:

Say hello to our squad of sassy stars, from our decade-long survivor Sally, with the help of Isobella greeting our customers with their prowess! To the behind-the-scenes stars Sarah and Isobel, with Sarah receiving a recent promotion and Isobel’s sales savvy, this crew is like the Avengers of customer service—saving the day, one smile at a time!

Print Powerhouses:

From Angie’s artistry to Dawn’s bindery brilliance, our print division is a literal carnival of creativity! It’s like a magic show, but instead of rabbits, we pull out jaw-dropping prints and mind-blowing designs!

Southern Sirens:

Down south, Tara, Lily, and Liz are leading the charge like the fearless leaders they are! And let’s not forget about Amy, who’s running the show in the signage print room like a boss lady!

But wait, there’s more! At Flying Colours Group, we’re not just about work; we’re about creating a community where everyone can shine bright like a diamond! We’re all about equal opportunity, talent nurturing, and celebrating every win, big or small!

So here’s to our sensational sisters, our fabulous femmes, and all the amazing women who inspire us every single day! Keep shining, keep slaying, and keep spreading those good vibes!

Happy International Women’s Day from your favorite fun-loving crew at Flying Colours Group! #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun #PrintPalsForever #ShineOnSisters