Truck Wraps

Foundation through eye-catching truck wraps. These wraps not only transform Ashgrove Cheese’s fleet but also spread awareness of the cause across Tasmania.

The McGrath Foundation funds breast care nurses and raises breast health awareness, touching lives across Australia. Partnering with this reputable organization aligns with Ashgrove Cheese’s values.

Our expert team at Flying Colours Group crafted stunning truck wraps that capture attention and spark conversations. The vibrant pink hue, synonymous with breast cancer awareness, makes a bold statement and reflects the urgency of the cause. These wraps serve as mobile billboards, taking the McGrath Foundation’s message across Tasmania.

McGrath Foundation Truck Wrap
McGrath Foundation Truck Wrap

Ashgrove Cheese, a proudly Australian-grown, made, owned, and managed company, exemplifies dedication to local roots and sustainable practices. Their collaboration with the McGrath Foundation further demonstrates their commitment to making a positive impact beyond their delicious dairy products. By adorning their trucks with the iconic pink wraps, Ashgrove Cheese exemplifies how businesses can utilize their resources to contribute to meaningful causes.

These truck wraps symbolize unity, compassion, and a shared goal of making a difference. Flying Colours Group is honored to have been part of this transformative project. The trucks carry dairy products and a reminder that small actions create change.

McGrath Foundation Truck Wrap
Truck Wrap

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