Salamanca Square

Window Decals

Our team has successfully crafted and installed captivating window decals at Salamanca Square, forging a close collaboration with Cathy McAuliffe. Positioned at the very heart of Hobart, Salamanca Square stands as a vibrant hub of cultural and historical significance for the city. This dynamic location offers an array of experiences, ranging from exquisite dining to exciting entertainment and delightful shopping. The introduction of these window decals not only enhances the aesthetics but also infuses the surroundings with a pulsating vibrancy.

Cathy McAuliffe’s artistic brilliance truly comes to life as we translate her exceptional work into reality. With exceptional expertise, she curates graphics tailored to diverse demographics and skillfully designs for various events, festivals, and corporate identities. Impressively, her talents span across domains such as book illustration, stationery design, fabric art, and even wayfinding signage, underscoring her remarkable versatility.

Window Stickers, Window Graphics
Window Decals, Window Stickers
Window Graphics, Window Decals

Salamanca Square holds a fascinating history that stretches back to its beginnings as a quarry, originating in the early 19th Century Sullivan’s Cove settlement. This historical backdrop is still vivid today, with remnants of the original quarry standing in stark contrast to the modern apartments and shops that now fill the Square. Moreover, these remnants serve as a tangible testament to Hobart’s past, honoring the enduring efforts of convicts and early settlers who actively shaped the region.

Salamanca Square Window Graphics
Salamanca Square Window Graphics
Salamanca Square Window Graphics

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