St Thomas Mores

Banners and Flags

Flying Colours Group maintains a longstanding and thriving partnership with St. Thomas More’s. We’ve recently taken charge of designing and manufacturing their vibrant banners and flags. Our dynamic creative team takes immense pride in revitalizing their logo and sculpting a contemporary brand that resonates with the school’s core values: ‘be respectful, be responsible, be a learner.’ With this invigorating brand overhaul, we’ve seamlessly translated these values into their signage and print materials.

Our adept team of manufacturers and installers has skillfully transformed their wayfinding signage, school displays, entrance signs, banners, and flags to harmonize with this bold new brand. The fusion of gradients and illustrations has been masterfully woven together to forge a school aesthetic that is not only fresh and modern but also pays homage to their rich heritage.

Banners & Flags
Banners & Flags

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