The Hedberg


Situated in the vibrant heart of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, The Hedberg is an extraordinary creative arts destination. Its design seeks to enrich Tasmania’s global cultural landscape by celebrating the intersection of creativity, heritage, and contemporary expression. Spearheaded by LIMINAL Architecture in collaboration with esteemed Singaporean architects WOHA, the culturally significant building came to life through a remarkable $110 million project.

Meticulous attention defines The Hedberg’s approach, ensuring an immersive and inspiring experience for visitors. The Flying Colours Group, entrusted by renowned construction company Hansen Yuncken, crafted internal signage with clear and visually appealing wayfinding throughout the complex.

The Hedburg Signage

The team at Flying Colours Group takes immense pride in crafting high-quality freestanding and wall-mounted directional signage for The Hedberg. These signs seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, enhancing the exceptional creative hub’s atmosphere.

The Hedburg Signage
The Hedburg Signage

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