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At Flying Colours Group, we are thrilled to share our most recent accomplishment with you – a project that we believe is nothing short of amazing!

We are excited to unveil the stunning result of our latest endeavor. We took standard trophies and transformed them into something extraordinary by wrapping them with matte black cut vinyl. But we didn’t stop there – we mounted this vinyl onto router-cut, mirror-backed clear acrylic. The result? A collection of trophies that exude sleekness and sophistication, guaranteed to impress anyone who lays eyes on them.

Custom Trophies

At Flying Colours Group, our team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and innovation in every project we undertake. We believe that excellence lies in the details, and this project is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality work.

The matte black cut vinyl and the mirror-backed clear acrylic come together to create trophies that are not just awards but pieces of art that symbolize excellence, dedication, and achievement.

This project is just one example of what our team can achieve, and we’re not stopping here. We have many more exciting projects in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with you. Our passion for creativity and our relentless pursuit of excellence will continue to shine through in all our future endeavors.

Custom Trophies
Custom Trophies

It’s our goal at Flying Colours Group to not only exceed your expectations but sprinkle them with confetti and knock them out of the park. So, if your current look needs a shake-up or you’re in need of some simple (or not-so-simple) signage or printing, then hey! Let’s chat.

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